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Sailing SanFran

Had the opportunity to be in San Francisco for the SailGP championship sailing series. Eight teams from around the world had chased each other around in 2021, and this was the final. It was fantastic! These foiling sailboats were doing 60-80kph in 20 knot winds, and it was so cool to watch. Australia beat the U.S. and Japan in the final. Shot this scene with the new iPhone 13 Pro. #videoproduction #videoediting #video#business #4Kcameracrew #BendVideoProduction

“Madras, OR, the center of the Universe”

As the second decade of the 2000s marched inexorably forward, the business of Visual Thinking Northwest settled into a more comfortable rhythm. Like any Oregon Production Company, we had to keep on upgrading our gear, adding LED lighting (no more blown fuses on shoots), a drone, and then another big jump: we went 4K! We acquired a Sony FS7, a broadcast-quality camera, and we were now working regularly as an Oregon 4K camera crew. The ways you could use this camera were alm

“They Really Do Give Away The Money!”

The financial crisis that decimated the land in 2008 wiped out a lot of businesses, including many video production companies; it was tenuous for Visual Thinking Northwest. Most of our ongoing productions were cancelled, as clients suddenly had no funds. The Olympics was over and so was our network shooting show. Complicating things, a lot of what Bend had going for it was tourism and real estate- both at the top of the hardest hit list. While we still had a small but loyal

“A big extra, at no extra charge”

The 2000’s were heady times for Visual Thinking Northwest. We had a half-hour show on local cable called “Inside Deschutes County”. While staying at Black Butte Ranch, a Lincoln County Commissioner saw it and soon we had “Inside Lincoln County” playing on Newport Cable. We were doing virtually all The Les Schwab Tire Company’s production- Yep, we did a lot of “Free Beef” spots, Grand Openings and Fall Tire Sales. As sailors with outstanding equipment, we pitched Hunter Marine

Pondering The Ponderosa

It was August 1996. I had just come back from working for NBC at the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta. My boss at KTVZ-21, John Larkin, informed me the station had been sold while I was away and that all our management people-including he- would be let go within a year, as we were all “making too much money”. I was the Creative Services Director; My wife Natalie was the Program Director, and her job was on the block as well. Larkin suggested I be proactive and either find a ne

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