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  • Kevin Raichl

Dry as the proverbial bone

We done many projects for the High Desert Partnership/Malheur Nat’l Wildlife Refuge over the years. This year we went out to see what the habitat is like in Harney County, and it was alarming to see how dry it was. This shot from the Buena Vista Overlook shows what it looked like in 2017, and what that same area looks like this year. Note that this is a WETLANDS area. In 2017 the whole area was covered in water by at least an inch, with large pools throughout. Not so this year. As Brenda Smith, Executive Director of the HDP said, “Every living thing is feeling it. Will be a true test of resiliency for all this year.” Amen. #water#4Kcameracrew#BendVideoProduction


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