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"Kevin, I’m polishing off the Mount Shasta piece, and you did some ridiculously  solid and creative work both Land and Air. Wow! Thanks for all the great choices. Total pro. You came through- thanks so much!"


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Creative Development

Let's confab!  Evoking emotion and motivating to action are two of the things that we do best. We can make the viewer cry, we can make her smile; we can make him reach for his wallet. Organizing and telling a story with multiple talking heads is another special skill, and we use background/natural sound extensively.  More importantly, we don’t go over budget and don’t miss deadlines. An opening conversation will get you a realistic estimate of costs and commitment.



We'll do the homework: research, location scouting, scripting. We'll have a definite plan and timeframe before we start shooting. Our production process is straightforward. You, the client, dictate how deep you want your fingers in the pie. You can give us copy points or a task order and we’ll write the script.  Or you can write the script, and we’ll enhance it for voiceover delivery. In the field, you’re welcome to go along on a shoot, or send the details and we’ll handle it.



When we go into production, we will generally initially produce a rough-cut storyline with the talking heads.  That cut will include all the relevant interviews that gives the “big picture”, and will be longer than specified, allowing the client to cut soundbites, getting the story to a more desired time. We will post each version on an unlisted YouTube channel, allowing access to only those with the link.  After the story is cut to close to time by the client, we will then do a finer cut, and post that on our unlisted YT link.  After client input, we will do a finish cut for approval, allowing one more set of tweaks.


Few of Our Clients


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First Story

First Story is the non-profit arm of Hayden Homes, one of the Northwest's biggest home  builders. Together these two companies give back to their communities like few others, donating hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in grant homes and cash to those less fortunate.

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Grover Electric and Plumbing

With 7 locations in Oregon, Washington and Idaho, this Northwest retailer is famous for knowledgeable people and excellent customer service. They're also known for their funny and irreverent TV commercials!

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Pacific Maritime Heritage Center

The partnership between Pacific Maritime Heritage Center and Visual Thinking has produced 12 amazing videos on the history of the Yaquina Bay waterway, and the Oregon Coast around Newport, Oregon.


High Desert Partnership

The High Desert Partnership is a collaboration of individuals, local, state and federal agencies dedicated to managing the natural resources of the central part of Oregon. To date, we have done a half dozen videos around the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, flood irrigation, bird habitat and wildfirefire management.


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